Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

The Lancashire Active Travel Fund

Lancashire was awarded £2.8m for delivery of the second phase of its Active Travel Fund programme -an amount that puts the region in the 15th position in terms of budget allocation1.

The Worcestershire Active Travel Fund

In Worcestershire, transport policy and proposals for 2018-2030 were set out in the Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4), which was adopted in late 2017. Their LTP4 set out a series of policies promoting active travel and identified a number of ‘active travel corridors’ to be implemented when funding became available.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: new, old ways of managing 'traffic in towns'

In this blog post we visit the influential report by Colin Buchanan in the 1960s, Traffic in Towns, or the Buchanan Report. We highlight how the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods that have popped up in London, and have started to pop up in the rest of the UK, are really nothing new in terms of thinking about how traffic should circulate in towns.

The Oxfordshire Active Travel Fund

The Oxfordshire Active Travel Fund (Tranche 2) is centered on five schemes: three in Oxford City and the remaining two in the freestanding rapidly expanding market towns of Bicester and Witney.