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  • Author: Cyclestreets / Cycling UK
  • URL:
  • Description: Anonymous users can add suggestions on how city councils should modify public space to broaden paths for keeping social distance and vote for them. Proposals can be in these 3 categories: 1) Cycleway, 2) Pavement, 3) Traffic Filter. This information can be later submitted to city councils using a link from Cycling UK
  • Datasource: crowdsorced
  • Licence: open
  • Downloadable data: open, CSV, GeoJson

Social Distancing - Active Travel interventions in the UK

Space to move

  • Author: Sustrans
  • URL:
  • Description: changes made by local autorities in their streets in response to Covid-19
  • Datasource: Not specified
  • Licence: Not specified
  • Downloadable data: No
  • Notes: few (3) interventions in Oxford


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